Pierced Fix Flashings

Pierced Fix Flashings

Custom Designed Metal Roof Flashings

Flashings and closures are made for particular applications and locations

Roof closures and flashings are made for particular applications and locations on the roof, with variations to suit the specific profile being used. Industrial and commercial flashings tend to be functional more than aesthetic, and Safintra makes a range of standard flashings which are suitable for this purpose. Residential flashings however, usually have an important aesthetic role which necessitates that they are designed for the structure in question.

Safintra is able to produce most custom designed flashings for residential and other applications- please ask your local branch for more information. Flashings are usually made in the same material as the roof, for colour matching. Safintra flashings are offered in Aluminium-Zinc  coated steel and Aluminium.

Please speak to our flashings department for further guidance and technical assistance.
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