Fixtite Fasteners


Fasteners for Roofing and Walling Products

Critical component in a roof system 

Fasteners are a critical component in a roof system, and should provide extended and problem free service.

The fastener is the only component securing the sheet to the substrate, and at the very least, fasteners should have a service life equal to the expected service life of the sheeting (whether it is used for roofing, slide cladding, or flashings). 

If you are using a top performing coated steel, it makes no sense to compromise on the fasteners, which are a small part of the overall cost of the roof system.

fixtite-logoSelecting inappropriate fasteners will result in them having to be replaced prematurely, which is a costly and avoidable mistake.

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Fasteners must be selected according to the corrosivity  of the environment in which they are to be used.

Different fastener coatings deliver performance characteristics designed for that environment, and carry the appropriate warranties for this application.

Fixtite fasteners carry a manufacturer’s warranty per the table below, and comply with South African National Standards SANS 1273:2011 and Australian Standards AS 3566:2002

Class 3 fasteners are suitable for mildly corrosive conditions, which covers most of inland South Africa.

Class 4 fasteners must be used in all highly polluted areas, in regions closer than 5 km to the coastal line or water, and in areas of high humidity.

Only stainless steel fasteners may be used with Aluminium material.

Please refer to the table below, or request assistance from Safintra.